Suggested Reading

While you watch my videos, I suggest you read the following books for a deeper insight:

For Virology

  1. Principles of Virology, 3rd/ 4th Ed. (by S.J.Flint, Vincent Racniello et al.) This is not a typical Virology textbook dealing with different chapters on different viruses. But if you really want to learn and have deeper insight of Virology, I suggest you read this. Its very student friendly and is the very right way to study virology!
  2. Fields Virology, 6th Ed. (This is known as the bible of Virology, but personally, I didn’t like it. It doesn’t contain much illustrations and is not at all student friendly as per my opinion. If you need to study a particular virus/ family in detail, this is the right book. But it doesn’t give you a good start)
  3. VIrology: Principles & Applications by John Carter et al.
  4. Introduction to Modern Virology by Nigel J. Dimmock et al.


For Immunology

  1. How the Immune System Works by Lauren Sompayrac
  2. Immunology, 6th Ed. by Kuby (Later editions have many changes and they  have removed many simple illustrations, so use only 6th or 5th Ed.)
  3. Roitt’s Essential Immunology, 12th Ed. by Peter J. Delves et al.
  4. Cellular and Molecular Immunology, 8th Ed. by Abul K. Abbas
  5. Fundamental Immunology, 7th Ed. by William E. Paul