About my blog

Hi Guys! Welcome to my blog. This blog has been created with the intention of teaching Virology and Immunology.

I’ll be using many reference books for the same, which I’ll mention at the end of each video/ teaching session. My methodology of teaching will be based on classical ‘White-Board/ Black-Board based learning’. Although it’s convenient to teach with the help of powerpoint presentations, I believe, after some time, it becomes boring and monotonous. Viewers are advised to make the most of these videos, which will stay free of charge forever.

The blog will also contain sections covering latest news in Virology and Immunology (and some on Infection Biology). I am not a professional teacher, however, I love Virology and Immunology, and its my way of giving and contributing towards Open-Source learning, in a very simplified manner.

Most of my videos will be based on:

  1. Live Diagrams & illustration based learning
  2. Hand-made notes
  3. Ideas borrowed from all over the Internet (with appropriate permissions and references)-This is just to ensure that you all can benefit from THE BEST available on the internet, books and videos.
  4. Study methods and tactics for making notes on Virology & immunology

In future, I’ll upload many new videos, and will definitely improve on the Video presentation and content (of course, that will come through experience).

I am a newbie, so your comments and suggestions are welcome.


P.S.: All viewers may not be comfortable with my accent of English or with the methodology of teaching. Request all of you to kindly bear with me initially.

Thank you

Siddhesh U. Sapre





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